Fashion Sourcing and Product Development Service


Sourcing and Manufacturing

Our factories all have experienced highly trained merchandisers who will work one to one with our customers in communicating their needs to our production team. Acting as intemediaries between the fashion world and the world of manufacturing, they are trained to oversee sampling and production, follow contemporary trends, and maintain a progressive relationship with our client base.

From personal visits to monitoring production schedules, OdinkO provides a full service package to our clients on a turn key project basis, targeting highest customer satisfaction. All of this requires textile background, multitasking, communication skills and of course, a broad outlook on the fashion world.

Cad & Tech Service

Our CAD's are drawn precise to-scale, so what you see is what you get. We can help to eliminate guesswork for factories and pattern makers whom many times have to interpret designs. No missing seams, stitch lines or details, which often happen with both inexperienced as well with nontechnical thinking veteran designers. We draw our CAD’s like garments are actually constructed, which saves time and money in the sampling process by allowing the factory to make better first round samples. Our philosophy is get it right the first time. Although we realize no factory will ever make an error free first sample, we expect the accuracy of our Tech Packs to save generations of corrected samples. With the cost of shipping these days, saving TIME & MONEY by having the corrected samples process minimized can be a valuable tool in a company’s bottom line.

Our services include (but are not limited to):

  • Discuss the needs and goals from our customer.
  • Assist with technical advice when needed.
  • Pricing of production and fabric costs per style/quantity.
  • Sampling includes pattern making of the designed products when needed.
  • Develop proto samples according to our customers specifications. 
  • Follow up and controlling all aspects of sampling to final production.
  • Secure production of orders will be delivered on schedule. 
  • Hands on production quality control and final product quality control.
  • Provide all logistics and custom documents for door-to-door delivery where neede